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At MedReleaf Clinics, our top priority is patient healthcare, and we strive to support your health concerns to help restore your quality of life. Our doctors specialise in consultations related to pain management, sleep disorders and mental health.

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MedReleaf Clinics is a holistic healthcare clinic helping patients with chronic conditions. MedReleaf Clinic doctors provide consultations related to pain management, sleep disorders and mental health. Our doctors will work with you to explore the best option for your condition.

MedReleaf Clinic doctors provide consultations related to pain management, sleep disorders and mental health.

How does MedReleaf Clinics work?

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Start by booking your consultation online

Discuss your condition and history

The Doctor will assess your condition and therapies you have tried and make appropriate recommendations.

Receive your treatment plan

After your consultation, you receive your treatment plan outlining the appropriate recommendations from your doctor.

Book a review consultation

Assess your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan, as required.

Our Team of Doctors are here to help

Our team of doctors are here to support you and your health concerns. They specialise in pain management, sleep disorders and mental health.

Dr Chris Lloyd


Dr Marguerite Clark


Dr Ajay Bhalla


Dr Hung Lee Ho


Dr. Guy Wright

M.B, Ch.B, Dip.Occ.Med, FRACGP

Dr Parul Agarwal


Dr Muhammad Faisal

MBBS, BSc, AMC cert, DCP

Dr Arvinder Joshi


How are MedReleaf Clinics different?

Patient-centred care

Our experienced team of Doctors and Clinical Pharmacists delivering tailored support for your healthcare needs

Patient Concession Scheme

Company sponsored program offering more affordable options to those with a concession card

Our commitment to the environment

We have partnered with CleanHub to offset a portion of our plastic footprint. Through this partnership, we will be funding the collection of plastic waste to prevent it from polluting our oceans.

While MedReleaf Clinic use plastic, we understand its environmental impact and are taking action. We’d love to have plastic-free packaging someday, but the strict medical regulations around packaging means this is something we unfortunately won’t achieve for some time.

We’re convinced that using plastic packaging comes with responsibility. That’s why we’ve committed to collect 5000 kg of plastic waste in 2024 from South Asia and Southeast Asia. These regions are the primary gateway for over 80% of plastic entering the ocean, so we’re focusing on them to make the greatest impact.

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